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Metung Hot Springs is located at 73 Storth Ryes Avenue, Metung

Stretching along a sandy peninsula on the Gippsland Lakes, Metung is a picturesque village with a relaxed holiday feel. Popular with anglers, boat lovers and pleasure seekers, visitors to Metung can dine out on an abundance of fresh seafood, enjoy local wines whilst soaking up the waterfront or find a sunny spot to relax and soak in the natural beauty of the place.

Situated near Lakes Entrance, Metung is the perfect destination for a relaxing, luxury stay just a few hours drive from Melbourne. With a suite of accommodation options, Metung is surrounded on three sides by water, a perfect destination to be for a long weekend getaway in nature.

The upcoming launch of Metung Hot Springs is another reason to visit this popular holiday spot, providing the opportunity to experience some regional hospitality in a glorious location.


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