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Larn’wa Aboriginal inspired Wellness Therapies and Products are offered
for your relaxation and healing at Metung Hot Springs. Larn’wa is a collective of voices from traditional and modern Aboriginal rituals, plant wisdom and wholistic knowledge, woven into unique spa treatment experiences and exclusive spa face and body care products.

ancient wisdom rising

Bathing in the calming ambience of Metung’s energising, rejuvenating and healing hot springs you are surrounded by ancient lands and waters. Representing just one of hundreds of different Aboriginal cultural lands throughout Australia, regionally local Ya-idt’midtung’s ancestral knowledge remains to be spoken and experienced in today’s world as current and relevant. Larn’wa is inspired by the ageless wisdom and knowledge that originate time, this is known and tangibly felt in what we offer.

    ya-idt’midtung wellness lore

    Larn’wa, meaning the ancestral voices from the botanical world, seasons, cycles and time; brings profound knowledge through her philosophy, treatments and products, rituals and stories and has been developed as an authentic expression of true wellness

      Larn’wa treatments and skin food

      Larn’wa Treatments are based on traditional healing techniques, spa therapy and body care products which are developed from medicinal native, wild harvested, seasonal Australian plants. We use organics, premium quality extracts and all our products are processed with fresh batch methodology. Ingredients are sourced using Sustainable supply chains, by Australian growers and Aboriginal owned enterprises with integrity and care each step of the way. This process ensures essential nutrients, plant compounds, active plant constituents, bio flavonoids, antioxidants, enzymes and vibrational plant frequency synergistically working together to create an active and exquisitely balanced range of skin care and treatments.

        The Larn’wa collective

        Larn’wa is facilitated by a brilliant, highly regarded and talented group of wellness experts, who are committed to maintaining ethical and authentic guidelines, approved and supported by Aboriginal Elders and friends. The philosophy and rituals shared are interwoven carefully into each treatment and product, with very specific training for your wellbeing conducted into their history, wellness principles, processes and benefits, inspiring awe and wonder in our shared Aboriginal Australia, past and present.

          Ya’Keeya from Larn’wa

          With treading gently within nature our mantra, we honour our Mother our Earth... nature as her breath, our waterways as her life blood, the wisdom of all those gone before us and those yet to come after us as profound teachers and guides. Embrace the experience of your treatment and we hope you will choose to take some Larn’wa native botanical skin food and Ya-idt’midtung wisdom home with you.

            spa treatments

            Surrender your body to complete relaxation with our spa treatments and balancing therapies in our Day Spa. Authentic Larn’wa Aboriginal Lore wellness rituals and native botanical spa creations will beautifully enhance your bathing experience.

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