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Local tourism operators Adrian and Rachel Bromage have collaborated with the award-winning Peninsula Hot Springs Group to bring back hot springs bathing to Metung in East Gippsland.

As a passionate ambassador for the entire industry both locally and internationally, Peninsula Hot Springs founder Charles supported Rachel and Adrian with his extensive knowledge of hot springs from his travels to over 50 countries. As the Peninsula Hot Springs Group continued to grow and evolve, a natural partnership emerged. Joining forces in 2018, land was purchased in the Kings Cove estate and the journey to bring hot springs back to the Metung had begun.

Combining the experience and expertise from the team behind Australia’s most visited hot spring (Peninsula Hot Springs welcomes over 500,000 guests per year), with the experience of local tourism operators who are passionate about the region, Metung Hot Springs is an exciting new venture scheduled for opening in Spring 2022.

our water

Our geothermal waters, 45 degrees celsius at the source, come from a well 500 metres below the earth’s surface. Infused with natural minerals and trace elements, the waters of Metung Hot Springs are truly healing.

our bathing culture

Victoria is growing as an internationally-recognised spring spa destination with both mineral spring spa and geothermal hot spring bathing experiences across the state. Explore Victoria’s wellness and bathing culture below.

maintenance of pools

At the end of 2019 the 500 metre deep bore on the site was redeveloped and produced 45 degree geothermal mineral water. Did you know every morning will begin with filling our pools with fresh, natural geothermal water?

Peninsula Hot Springs Group

Peninsula Hot Springs Group is spearheaded by founder and Creative Director Charles Davidson in partnership with co-owner Bharat Mitra (chairman and owner of Organic India). Both are passionate about wellness and are committed to expanding the industry, sharing the healing benefits of geothermal water and reconnection through bathing practices with the community.

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