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caring for you, our communities, and the planet

At Metung Hot Springs, we are passionate about creating a bathing culture and experiences that enable people to improve their wellness and relax in nature.

But that on its own, is not enough.

We also understand the importance of fulfilling our responsibilities to local communities, society and the planet.

That’s why, after significant research and community consultation, we have developed a regeneration model designed to create positive benefits for our stakeholders across the East Gippsland region and beyond.

Our regeneration model goes beyond basic social and environmental care, with a steadfast focus on continuously improving quality of life in five interconnected pillars:

Metung Hot Springs

Regeneration Model

metung hot springs regeneration action plan

Our Metung Hot Springs "Regen Action Plan" is a living resource for staff & stakeholders, developed in collaboration with Regeneration Projects.

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