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Peninsula Hot Springs Group is spearheaded by founder and Creative Director Charles Davidson in partnership with co-owner Bharat Mitra (chairman and owner of Organic India). Both are passionate about wellness and are committed to expanding the industry, sharing the healing benefits of geothermal water and reconnection through bathing practices with the community.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Operating since 2005, Peninsula Hot Springs welcomes over 500,000 guests per year to relax and reconnect in nature. Evolving over the last 17 years, in 2020 another significant part of the owners’ masterplan became a reality with the introduction of the first accommodation offer, 10 premium glamping tents. This evolution transforms the popular bathing experience into a premier wellness destination.



Maruia Hot Springs

The Group’s interests extend trans-Tasman with their investment in Maruia Hot Springs, set at the base of the mountains at Lewis Pass on New Zealand’s South Island.





Metung Hot Springs

The Group are preparing for the launch of Metung Hot Springs, the location of Victoria’s original hot spring bathing pools. With spectacular lake and ocean views, the master plan for Metung Hot Springs includes Australia’s first Hot Springs Golf Club. With a passion to ‘bathe the world’ and increase the positive impacts on Victorian tourism, the expansion into Metung allows the Group to add a whole new experience to the Great Victorian Bathing Trail, bringing relaxation and reconnection in nature to more people.

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The Great Victorian Bathing Trail

With subsurface geothermal water resources along its southern coastline and a cool, temperate climate, Victoria has enormous potential to become Australia’s hot springs tourism capital.

Victorian hot springs bathing destinations already attract more than half a million visitors every year, and with five new hot springs developments at construction or planning stage, from Phillip Island in the east to 12 Apostles in the west, plans are now underway to create The Great Victorian Bathing Trail.

This world-class tourism trail will link hot springs and bathing tourism destinations along Victoria’s southern coastline, from Portland to Metung, around Port Phillip Bay and and even up into Melbourne’s iconic Yarra River.

To find out more about these plans, and further explore the exciting future of Victoria’s wellness and bathing culture, view or download The Great Victorian Bathing Trail booklet.

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Bathing Australia

an alliance to support Australian bathing culture

The popularity of hot and mineral springs bathing in Australia is growing so fast that it has led operators and developers of hot springs, mineral springs and sea baths to come together in an alliance to support community wellbeing through an evolving Australian bathing culture.

Formed in March 2021, the Bathing Australia alliance, which includes Metung Hot Springs, is working to engage and educate the community about the many benefits of natural bathing.

Bathing Australia is also defining and refining industry standards to ensure bathers can continue to enjoy safe, healthy and natural bathing in more and more locations, well into the future.

To find out more, visit the Bathing Australia website.

visit the Bathing Australia website

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